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Repair Service

From time to time Pewter can become badly damaged, either by accident or from severe overuse.
As once mentioned by one of our forefathers Thomas Ernest Williams "If you can make it from a block of metal out of the ground, then it can be repaired"

We take pride in being able to hold onto the belief that everything can be repaired back to a usable condition. If you have a piece of Pewter, be it old or new, that you would like repaired or maybe just cleaning up again, then please feel free to contact us for a free quote. You are under no obligation to by any means if you do not wish to continue with the repair.

We strongly advise that any items that may have huge sentimental value should be delivered in person, however we do realise that this may not always be feasible. If you do need to send a repair to ourselves, we advise using a good strong packaging to prevent any further damage in transit. It is also highly recommended to use a next day courier service with insurance on particular items that have high value just to add peace of mind.

Please note that in particularly busy periods our repairs can take up to 28 days to be completed but if you would like updates on your repair feel free to get in contact.

We realise that certain items, such as heirlooms, might be required for a certain occasion (Birthday, Wedding) if this is the case please contact us prior to shipping so that we can guarantee to have the item delivered back to you in time for that special day.