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Never Ending Knot Desk Magnifier

Never Ending Knot Desk Magnifier

Never-ending Knot Desk Magnifier
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Product Information

Weighs 130g
22 x 62mm (height x diameter)

Elegant Never Ending Knot Desk Magnifier
Made from Stainless Steel with Pewter Insert
Perfect as a gift
Skillfully handmade

Never-ending Knot Desk Magnifier made from Stainless Steel with Pewter Insert, A useful accessory in the home and in the work place, and practical gift.

While many of the ancient designs certainly had some spiritually significant meaning, these have been lost to the ages. The continual looping of the designs suggests themes of eternity and interconnectedness, and knots may have been at one time to foil evil spirits. Interwoven figures of people and animals may have represented the interdependent natures of life-two or more knots laced together symbolize lovers, hunters and their prey, God and man, etc. Some knots were used as magical talismans for protection.


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