April 2017 Newsletter – Fashion! Turn to the left

April 2017 Newsletter- Fashion! Turn to the left

In this edition, we urge you to become chocolate champions, get excited about the upcoming Summer and tell you all about next month’s Pewter Live!


Huge Congratulations to Sam and Julia!

Earlier this month, Sam Williams and his wife Julia embarked on a once in a lifetime trip, to cross the Arctic Circle, over 250km by Dog Sled, to raise money for Dementia UK.

They raised over £3000 for a wonderful charity and got to see some wonderful sights!

Well done!


17362936_10154417853422227_6137516266764810200_n 17498516_10154417853427227_4600138976452623382_n


Summer’s coming!

Now that the clock’s have turned back, we are truly ready for Summer.

Even though we are in Britain and have to be realistic about the amount of times we’ll actually notice the sun this year, we still want to feel Summery…

And our Hair Bobbles are just the thing!

They suit all different hair colours and styles, whether you have straight dark hair, or extremely curly ginger hair, we have a design for you.

Our designs consist of a beautiful pewter front with rich enamel colours, stones or a celtic design and a hair band!

hair bobbles

Each Hair Bobble comes with a stretchy black elastic hair bobble.

Take a look at our Hair Bobble range!


Speaking of fashion…

“What a great day at the London College of Fashion seeing the early entries for Pewter Live Competition!
We had the opportunity to talk with some of the students about their pieces and also speak to the technicians who were helping them.
We are looking forward to being able to offer more support to the college and working closely with them in the future” – Sam Williams



The Chocolate Coma

Easter is OVER, but you might still have a never ending tower of Easter eggs and chocolate treats looking down on you…or you might have been determined and scoffed the entire lot!

This is the time we need you to dig deep and channel your inner Bruce…



You can’t have too many Shot Glass Holders!

Our Shot Glass Holders are extremely popular and we hope to create even more designs for our customers!

So far we have an enamelled dot design, thistle design, claddagh design, dragon and daffodil design, stag design and a never ending swirl design.

shot glass holders newsletter

All 6 designs are available on our website for £15.00 and trade for £5.50 each.


The return of Pewter Live 2017

Pewter Live is BACK and we can’t wait to be there.

Our very own Sam Williams will be there to show off our pieces and judge some beautiful pewter designs!

It is open to the public on Wednesday 24th May from 10:00 – 12:00 and 15:00 – 17:00

Pewterers’ Hall
Oat Lane
EC2V 7DE  


Here’s a picture of our beautiful Archibald Knox Clock range on show last year.


March 2017 Newsletter- Pictures, Pewter and Possible competition winners…

March 2017 Newsletter- Pictures, Pewter and Possible competition winners…

March has been a great month for us, full of beautiful new product images, the results of a cracking Mother’s Day competition and some snaps from Hampton Court Palace!


Our lucky competition winner!

As many of you know, we absolutely love running competitions via our Facebook page!

In honour of Mother’s Day, we decided to try out a funny caption competition for this photo, to be in with the chances of winning £30 worth of A.E Williams Pewter gifts, for your mum this Mother’s Day:

competition picture

We’ve had some absolutely cracking responses- some too rude to share in this Newsletter, however after much deliberation, we have chosen our favourite caption…

*drum roll please*

Congratulations to Kayleigh Platt!

We are absolutely ecstatic to tell you that this competition reached over 27,000 people! How amazing is that?!


Josh Foster Photography

A few months ago, we decided to have some pictures taken to show off our pewter pieces. After being delighted with how they looked, we knew that we had to have more!

Late in February, Josh Foster, a Photographer studying at Birmingham University, took some of our items and worked his magic at the beautiful Rose Villa Tavern in Birmingham.

What do you think?


Keep your eyes peeled, hopefully we’ll have even more photos to share with you next month!

To look at some more of Josh’s great work, check out his website and social media…





The home of history!

Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with the lovely people at Hampton Court Palace!

We recently returned to refurbish our Pewter​, ready in time for Easter. Our pewter can be found within the Tudor kitchens and Store rooms. It can also be seen at the Top table in the Great hall!

Below you can also see the beautiful pieces that were designed for the Chocolate Kitchen, which are used to replicate original methods used.



With us was Food Historian Marc Meltonville. Keiji Hayashi and Waturu Kuwahara of Hankyu Department Store and Tamao Sako from the British Cake School.



Keep those pictures coming!

We absolutely LOVE seeing pictures from you, of you and your favourite pewter pieces.

It’s great to see you all enjoying your gifts and sharing your joy with us!

On instagram, many happy customers use #aewilliams to share their pictures with us, so we can share them on our social media sites and see them in use!

 customer images1


In celebration of the 2017 Six Nations, we thought that we’d share this throwback picture with you!

In 2013, we were approached by the RFU to create a trophy for the Six Nations.

It was made entirely from pewter and features a pewter rugby ball sitting on top.


February 2017 Newsletter- The A.E Williams tour!

February 2017 Newsletter- The A.E Williams tour!

We’ve had such a busy few weeks full of shows and travelling all over the UK, so we’ve decided to share some show pictures with you. This month also celebrates the release of our beautiful new Ice Bucket and our highly popular Travel Tuesday theme.


Images from the show

After an absolutely exhausting 2 months, we can finally say that our 2017 trade fairs are over for the time being.

We have been from London, to Glasgow, to Wales and then back to Birmingham in the space of just a few weeks!

It’s been amazing being able to meet new customers and have a catch up with previous and current customers too. We have had such amazing comments about our Shot Glass Holders and hope to create another design in the near future.

Thanks to everybody for visiting us at the shows, we really appreciate it!

 nec spring fair


Our Ice Bucket is here!

It’s such an exciting start to 2017!

We’ve decided to expand our Glass range even more by trying out an Ice Bucket.
The beautiful Pewter design clings to the Glass Bucket in such an intricate and delicate way.

It’s an absolutely great idea as a dinner party centrepiece and will definitely get people talking and admiring your luxurious style!

AN5A5606 web


If you’re interested in ordering one of our Ice Buckets then please contact us or place an order via our retail website.

The product code is ICEB01 and it’s trade price is £74.95 and it retails at £190


When is Game of Thrones back?!

Hurry up!

We honestly can’t wait for Game of Thrones to return to our screens!

We’re dying to see our favourite characters and our famous pewter pieces appear in the much anticipated series 7!

game of thrones tyrion



Travel Tuesday

We’ve recently had some lovely pictures sent to us that show off our products around the world! So far we’ve had photos sent to us from Australia, Dubai and Chicago!

We love knowing that our pewter is across the world and really encourage customers to keep sending in their photos to us, so we can post these pictures across our website and social media accounts.

Here are a few that we’ve had already…


Our Wine Glass Holders with a lovely snowy Chicago backdrop!


One of our Whisky Glass Holders with the Burj Khalifa behind!

January 2017 Newsletter- We’re off on our travels!

January 2017 Newsletter- We’re off on our travels!

In this edition we tell you about all of our upcoming shows around the UK, Valentine’s Day preparation and some amazing photography we’ve had done to show off our new products!


Time to Travel

It’s time to rent the vans, book the hotels and grab all of our pewter pieces as this year as we’re kicking off 2017 by visiting quite a few places!

We thought that we’d tell you about the different shows that we’ll be exhibiting at, as that way, you might be able to come and visit us!

Top Drawer- London
January 15th-17th
Stand M69

Scotland’s Trade Fair- Glasgow
January 22nd-24th
Stand H2

South Wales Gift Show- Margam
January 29th-31st

NEC Spring Fair- Birmingham
February 5th-9th
Stand 4C33



Valentines Day preparation!

With the months flying by, February is around the corner and that means Valentines Day is near!

Do you normally struggle with gifts for your partner?

Do you feel like every year it’s a gift of just flowers and chocolates?

Well, why not try something different? We have our beautiful gold plated heart pendants available if you wanted to pick something romantic. Or maybe something that’s different, such as our Champagne Glass Holders to impress your partner on Valentines evening or possibly just something that you know that they’ll love, like one of our sewing stations or one of our personalised gifts!

If you’re unsure of what the perfect gift would be, why not contact us and we can give you a few more ideas!


Tuesday 14th February 2017


Our Whisky and Champagne Holders

Towards the end of 2016, we decided to get some professional pictures taken of our Whisky Tumbler Holders and Champagne Glass Holders for our customers to see how they look in person and with the tipples inside!

The pictures were taken by the extremely talented Josh Foster!




Keep your eyes peeled for even more pictures amazing pictures to come in the next few weeks!


To continue with the theme of love…

Lovespoons are a traditional Welsh gift, given as a token of a person’s love.

Lovespoons are a great gift idea, as they can be given to family members as a gift of congratulations, a gift to show an eternal friendship or a gift to celebrate!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, they’re a great gift idea for friends or family members!



November&December 2016 Newsletter- Let’s get festive!

November&December 2016 Newsletter- Let’s get festive!


In this edition we express our uncontrollable excitement for Christmas and we give you lovely customers and readers some essential pewter gifts for this festive season!


How to make your Christmas Tree sparkle this year

Every year, the A.E Williams family design a brand new Limited Edition Christmas Tree Hanger for the year!

This year, we’ve decided to incorporate the year 2016 into a decoration featuring traditional festive goodies, such as a Poinsettia, Christmas Cottage, Christmas Tree and Holly and Berries!

You can get your very own Limited Edition Hanger here

We’d also like to congratulate Emma Hall in Nottingham for being our Competition winner! We really hope that you love you decoration!


Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition during the 16th century when Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. Some built Christmas pyramids of wood and decorated them with evergreens and candles if wood was in short supply, however nowadays a lot of us are more used to the pretty twinkly lights, tinsel and hangers!


Struggling for gift ideas?

We know that buying presents can be so stressful, so we’ve decided to give you a few little present ideas for the people you love most!

  1. Sewing Stations are a great gift idea for the creative ones among us! We all have those friends or family members who are crazy for crafts and trying new hobbies. Our Sewing Stations come in over 20 different designs and are complete with thimble, pin cushion and scissors. A perfect addition to any craft bench!
  2. Whisky Tumbler Holders are an essential for anybody, no matter what their tipple might be. Whether it be Rum, Whisky, Brandy or even Vodka, these glasses and their holders are a great little treat for a night by the fire. We currently have 2 different designs and plan on creating more!
  3. Hair Bobbles are a perfect stocking filler that suit people of any age, be it for your Grandma or Granddaughter! We have a variety of colours created by beautiful gems or vibrant enamel combinations. They suit all different hair styles and colours and are a great outfit addition.
  4. Sherlock Holmes is returning to our screens and we have a whole Sherlock Holmes range of goodies for you detective fans out there, from Fridge Magnets and Keyrings to Pocket Watches and Hand Magnifiers! Become your very own Holmes or Watson with these lovely little stocking fillers or mini gifts.
  5. Archibald Knox Clocks really do suit all rooms of the house. With their delightful colour combinations they really are an eye catcher! If you know somebody who takes pride in their home decor, or maybe you know someone who is moving house soon, these clocks really are a must have for any home, especially seeing as we’ve recreated over 20 original Archibald Knox designs!



Christmas deadlines!

*please please please read*

Here at A.E Williams, all of your gifts and treats are made to order with the occasional chance that we may have one extra in stock. We urge you to make sure that this year you try not to leave your orders until last minute as we really do hate having to decline orders incase they cannot be made and delivered on time.

Our last UK delivery date is December 21st and we recommend that you place Homeware orders (goblets, tankards, plates, jugs etc) by December 13th!


And to play us out of 2016, we give you, The Pogues and Kirsty McColl singing Fairytale of New York!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year x

October 2016 Newsletter- Our return to Osaka!

October 2016 Newsletter- Our return to Osaka!

In this edition we tell you all about Sam’s time in Japan, a surprising appearance on The Great British Bake Off and we give thanks to the Soldiers who risked their lives for our Country.



Every October, Sam flies all the way over to Osaka in Japan to see some of our friends and to demonstrate some of his pewter skills to the public at the Hankyu Department Store.

This year Sam decided to bring along some of our enamelling colours and explain how we’d enamel our Christmas decorations if we didn’t have our machines with us.


If you’ve liked our Facebook page or read any of our Newsletters before, you’ll know that Sam has a friend in Osaka called Rio who he sees every year. Luckily this year, Rio came to visit Sam again and even helped him with his enamelling!


On your marks, get set, BAKE!

Attention Bake Off fans, on October 12th, you may have spotted that we had a small appearance in the ‘Tudor’ episode of the series where they visited Hampton Court Palace…


On this table where Henry VIII himself has sat, along with his many wives, you can see our Pewter Goblets, Plates and Bowls just a few inches away from Mel Giedroyc herself!

Our Tudor Goblets which are shown in the picture above, have also appeared in TV series such as Game of Thrones and BBC’s ‘The Tudors’!

You can see our entire traditional hollowware range on our website


Remembrance Day

With Remembrance Day approaching, we want to remind you that of all the Remembrance items that we make here, we can guarantee that a percentage of our profit does go to The Royal British Legion.

The reason that we produce our pewter poppies, remembrance keyrings and pocket watches is a way of showing our gratitude for the soldiers who risked their lives for us and to try and comfort and remind the public that those soldiers will always be in our hearts.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.”


August&September 2016 Newsletter- Whisky, Whisky and even more Whisky!

August&September 2016 Newsletter – Whisky, Whisky and even more Whisky!

In this edition we talk about all things Whisky due to the launch of our Whisky Tumbler Holders, our time at Top Drawer and helping you get a few gift ideas!


“Well, show me the way, to the next Whisky bar”

The idea of distillation was not fixed until comparatively recently. The technology developed in numerous cultures, at different times, and came to mean different things to different craftsmen. For example, around 2500 years ago Greek sailors boiled sea water to get a drink. Around 2100 years ago, following the same process to get spirit from wine was common. The Greeks used a container with a small mouth, covered by a bowl.

Later, a tube and a vessel at the bottom to catch the spirit were added, giving us something similar to the stills we know today. Alchemists in Alexandria has several different still types by the 1st century A.D, using them as much as part of a ritual as for the elements they produced. In fact, the fire and spirit of distillation, the mystic and chemical, remained entwined for centuries – it was the Persians and the Arabs who began to move the process towards a science, using large, elaborate stills to experiment in the 9th and 10th centuries. Although these early chemists apparently succeeded in distilling spirits, they too were on a quest for the elixir of life.


To celebrate of of the best drinks in the world, we decided to expand our Shot Glass Holder range, by designing a slightly bigger sized holder, big enough to hold a Whisky Tumbler.



Top Drawer!

As many of you know, earlier this month, we were exhibiting at Top Drawer in London for the first time!

After having a fantastic time and being in such a beautiful venue, we’ve decided to share some pictures with you of our time there!


If you’re a business and think Top Drawer would be a good idea for you, you can register for a stand on their website for their January 2017 and September 2017 shows!



Our Lovespoons…

Over the years, our Lovespoon range has expanded massively, so that we can help give you some gift ideas for any occasion! Whether it be to celebrate 20 years of friendship, an engagement or christening, or welcoming someone into a new home!

We’d like to share with you, some reviews that we’ve had recently of just a few of our Lovespoons!


“Ever since I came to Wales, and probably a bit before that, I have always given Welsh lovespoons to family, friends, lovers, and family members to celebrate unity, marriages and friendship. For the first time in my life I am in a relationship during which a grandchild has been born to my wife and where I have been accepted as a grandfather. I am so-o-o-o blessed. When we decided we wanted to get a gift for the newborn (as yet un-named) I went on an internet hunt. It is no secret that I like o look ‘out-of-the-box’ for something unusual. I found my way onto Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/uk/) and then onto A. E. Williams’ Pewter ware. The rest was easy. The range was not only fantastic but very interesting. The six-inch New born Baby Lovespoon was exactly what we were looking for: an unusual and special keepsake for our new grandchild. Thank you A. E. Williams.”- John

“I was extremely pleased with the spoon it was much more expensive looking than I imagined just from seeing it on the picture my daughter and son in law really loved it if anyone is looking for a different kind of present the pewter spoons for whatever occasion are perfect.”- Angela

“We purchased this for a Silver Wedding present. It was lovely, well crafted and beautifully presented. We would definitely look at buying from this company again.”- Ron

July 2016 Newsletter – It’s all about Colour!

July 2016 Newsletter – Pewter, Football and a really big Church font.

In this edition we talk about some of our new items in our highly popular Archibald Knox range, Game of Thrones series 6 and Top Drawer 2016!


Many of you recognise us, not only by our beautiful pewter, but also by the stunning combination of blue and green enamel in our recreations of the Archibald Knox clocks which we make here in the factory.

Each clock is cast, polished, soldered and enamelled entirely by hand here in Birmingham before leaving us.

Archibald Knox was a designer and artist from the Isle of Man. He was an influential man with his intricate and eye catching designs. His pioneering and prolific work bridged the Arts and Crafts Movement, Celtic Revival, Art Nouveau, and Modernism.

We hope to keep on adding more and more items to our Archibald knox range and to see the whole range, visit here

archibald knox


Game of Thrones!

game of thrones goblet

I think we can all remember this extremely awkward and tense scene in season 6, episode 6 “Sam Steals”, and I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that we’re team Sam.

Either way, throughout this scene, you may have spotted a certain goblet on the table…It’s our famous Tudor Goblet which has appeared throughout Game of Thrones, such as here, but in a different finish- polished vs antique:

s5 (3)


Top Drawer!

September 11th-13th, we’ll be exhibiting at Top Drawer in London, on stand Q42.

We’d love to meet some new people, so if you’re also going, feel free to pop by and introduce yourself.

We’ll be bringing the majority of our giftware range with us

June 2016 Newsletter – Pewter, Football and a really big Church font.

June 2016 Newsletter – Pewter, Football and a really big Church font.

In this edition we talk about some beautiful new additions to our giftware range, our upcoming appearance at the Harrogate show in July this year and the huge font we created for St Mary the Virgin’s Church in Iffley, Oxford, and a few other stories.


2 new additions


After popular demand, we’ve added 2 new additions to our ever growing Luxury Hip Flask range. The first being a beautiful celtic Sporran shaped 6oz flask, and the second being a woven 6oz flask with a gold plated fly fishing centre piece.

So far we have 18 different designs but are hoping to continue adding more to the collection and would love to know which is your favourite!

Hip Flasks are a great gift idea, especially for summer. Each one comes complete in a beautiful presentation box and a little funnel, to help pouring your drink of choice with no hassle.



Harrogate show 2016

We’re so excited to be returning to the 2016 Harrogate Show, from the 17th-20th July.

This year we’ll be on stand Q67, so please stop by if you’re visiting and see our range of giftware goodies.



St Mary the Virgin

As many of you know, we returned to Pewter Live this year for an amazing time, as usual.

2 years ago, the A.E Williams team and our wonderful friend David Dai Thomas of Snooty Fox Jewellery LTD, managed to create a pewter font for the St Mary the Virgin Church in Iffley, Oxford.

It is the largest piece of Pewter in the public area commissioned in the past 200 years and it was engraved entirely by hand by David.

The piece was designed by Nicholas Mynheer, Roger Wagner and Luke Barton. and brought to life by us.

After a few touch ups, it was even shown at Pewter Live this year!

pewter live font


Claim to football fame

Attention football fans!

With the Euro 2016 going on at the moment, we’ve decided to share some history with you!

Every player in the UEFA Champions League receives a medal for their participation, and in 2010 we were lucky enough to be asked by UEFA to supply them. Each medal was gold plated with the UEFA Champions League logo across the back.


April and May 2016 Newsletter – It’s a British Summer!

April and May 2016 Newsletter – It’s a British Summer!

In this edition we talk about the perfect accessories for this Summer, Pewter Live 2016 and The Home and Gift Festival in Harrogate!


This year’s Pewter Live has been amazing!

We were so excited to take our full Archibald Knox range- including some new surprises, like our hugely popular Shot Glass Holder collection!

There have been so many wonderful and creative entries to the competition this year and we want to congratulate everybody who participated.

Click to see a full list of the 2016 winners!


The Pewterers’ Company is an ancient and continually evolving foundation with medieval origins as a City Guild.  The earliest documented reference to it is in the records of the Corporation dated 1348 and the Company’s own records are extant from 1451.  The first charter was granted by King Edward IV in 1473.  It is number sixteen in the order of  civic precedence among over a hundred livery companies.

The Company has an active, involved and diverse membership of over 250 people, drawn from a wide range of backgrounds.  Of these, some 120 men and women are members of the Livery.  The Company’s principal activities are the support of the pewter trade in this country, the management of its charities, supporting the government of the City of London and the Armed Forces of the Crown and maintaining a lively and enjoyable corporate social life.



After exhibiting at the Home and Gift Festival in Harrogate for years, we are finally returning with almost all of our Pewter items available for you to see!

We’ll be in Hall Q on stand 57 ready to meet past, present and hopefully future customers.


If you’re interested in coming, then make sure to register online to get £20 off www.homeandgift.co.uk/invite

Home and Gift Buyers’ Festival
Harrogate International Centre
King’s Road
North Yorkshire


Seeing as the UK is known for it’s extremely unpredictable weather choices, we’ve decided that it’s best to celebrate the so called Summer with open arms anyway- and we’re determined to do it in style!


We have so many beautiful accessories for both men and women to wear this Summer, from Hair Bobbles, to Torcs and Kilt Pins.